Let’s Talk Cloud Computing


Let’s Talk Cloud Computing

The basics of Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud? The Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet.  But, very specific use of the Internet.  Cloud computing usually refers to meeting the computing needs of a business, organization, municipality, and governmental entities by way of Internet-based computing.

Internet-based computing is composed of services offered through the Internet. Services like servers, data storage and applications (software).  These services are delivered from the Internet to an organization’s Internet-connected devices.

Non-technical explanation about cloud computing

Would you like more basic information about what the cloud means? Here is a good video to help explain the basics in a non-technical way. Click Here

Utilizing the benefits of the Cloud an I.T. department can remove the burden of equipment purchases, equipment maintenance, data storage and application maintenance from their workload by passing the things off to Cloud Computing providers.

A business’s workforce could be completely mobile, relying on the Cloud to provide the applications and their associated data through a simple Internet connection. In a future-thinking way, the meaning of all this to business and government is huge.  Think about the IT overhead of a company being drastically reduced or eliminated or the savings we as taxpayers in the USA would realize if most of our Federal and State computing services and data services were Cloud-based.

At Codepal we take advantage of many of the services offered through the Cloud.  Our Cloud vendor of choice is Microsoft’s Azure.  In a future article, I’ll discuss Azure and how Codepal uses it to make your workload easier so you can provide more services and safety to the public.

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