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Codepal Appreciates Code Compliance Professionals

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I wanted to express my personal appreciation as well as our corporate gratitude to all of those we serve in the prevention services. At this holiday time, I am always reminded of the true reason for Christmas which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I believe that the Lord calls each one of us to serve in a capacity that He deems perfect for us. The people that He calls to serve as life and safety monitors for the public deserve our recognition and appreciation.

These professionals often go unnoticed because prevention is such a nebulous thing. The public doesn’t get to see all the safety problems and hazards averted due to the diligence of the municipal, state, and federal enforcement of standards and codes. This industry reminds me of George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life” The only way they would truly get recognized for what they do is by NOT doing all that they do. The consequences of these people not being present would by far exceed anything that George Bailey might claim.

At Codepal the Lord has called us to serve the people who serve the public. Our service is to help compliance professionals have the efficiency necessary to provide notice when people neglect health and safety standards. We do all we can to be responsive to our clients. Our software and service are what they are because we listen to the requirements of compliance professionals across the county and have been doing this for fifteen years. There is no greater thing we could do to recognize all of you than to be responsive to all that you require of us. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to serve in this capacity.

Penned Thank You

Thank you all for the work that you do. Keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for now and hopes for a blessed year in 2020.

Codepal President

Bob Lee

Active Listening

Active listening skills and how to use them

Category : Communications

What is Active Listening?

Active listening is a more attentive listening style. It is mindfully hearing what the talker is saying. Then attempting to comprehend what the talker is saying.

So what does active listening involve? You want to acknowledge, clarify and confirming, understanding and removing barriers that affect your comprehension.

How to improve your active listening

  1. Be attentive.
    Face the person speaking to you. Focus on them, their body language and what they are saying. Keep eye contact with the speaker so your attention is on them.
  2. Avoid distractions.
    Put your phone away, I know this should go without saying but it happens every day in our world. We are glued to our phones. If you are speaking with someone in your office, turn off your monitor if you can’t keep your focus. Remove distractions that prevent you from listening and hearing what the talker is saying.
  3. Don’t interrupt or allow your mind to wonder.
    Do not interrupt the person communicating with you. Allow them to finish their thoughts and communicate them thoroughly. Do not allow your mind to begin thinking about how you will respond before they have finished. This is key. I believe most humans naturally do this. This takes some mental training.
  4. Acknowledge.
    Give the talker cues that you are listening, agreeing or giving a motion (nod or smiling) that shows you are listening and understanding what they are saying.
  5. Clarify.
    If you do not understand, ask questions. Repeat back to the person, what you heard and how you are understanding what they are saying for clarification.
  6. Last but not least, relax.
    Some of these tips may take some time, you don’t want to be thinking about these key tips while trying to listen, so relax your body and mind. However, be mindful of your posture. Folding your arms makes you unapproachable and sends signals of disagreement. Remain relaxed and allow the conversation to naturally flow.

Difference between hearing and listening

Hearing is collecting the data being delivered. Simply stated, hearing is receiving the words being delivered. Listening is an active response. This is when you are paying attention to what is said.

Hearing and listening go hand in hand. However, comprehension is important when talking about active listening. It is important to understand what the person is conveying to you.

How does this help improve your business communications?

Regardless of your position in an organization, active listening skills are a positive quality. Whether you are an entry-level employee or an executive, active listening is a great business tool. It can improve your problem-solving skills, help you manage a team easier, avoid conflict, and can be used to persuade others.

Check out a previous post about Setting Goals and Obtaining Success.


Let’s Talk Cloud Computing

The basics of Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud? The Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet.  But, very specific use of the Internet.  Cloud computing usually refers to meeting the computing needs of a business, organization, municipality, and governmental entities by way of Internet-based computing.

Internet-based computing is composed of services offered through the Internet. Services like servers, data storage and applications (software).  These services are delivered from the Internet to an organization’s Internet-connected devices.

Non-technical explanation about cloud computing

Would you like more basic information about what the cloud means? Here is a good video to help explain the basics in a non-technical way. Click Here

Utilizing the benefits of the Cloud an I.T. department can remove the burden of equipment purchases, equipment maintenance, data storage and application maintenance from their workload by passing the things off to Cloud Computing providers.

A business’s workforce could be completely mobile, relying on the Cloud to provide the applications and their associated data through a simple Internet connection. In a future-thinking way, the meaning of all this to business and government is huge.  Think about the IT overhead of a company being drastically reduced or eliminated or the savings we as taxpayers in the USA would realize if most of our Federal and State computing services and data services were Cloud-based.

At Codepal we take advantage of many of the services offered through the Cloud.  Our Cloud vendor of choice is Microsoft’s Azure.  In a future article, I’ll discuss Azure and how Codepal uses it to make your workload easier so you can provide more services and safety to the public.

Would you like more information about what we do? Check out our about us page and send us a message.


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